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Wuxi advanced Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi High-techIndustrial Development Zone ---- Information Technology Park.It’s one of  530 enterprises ingovernment support .It’s specialized in the production, processing, researchand domestic & international trade of titanium, nickel, zirconium-based newmaterials, rare metals.

Witha post-doctoral, PhD 2, Master 3,the company research is strong.Moreover, it is in cooperation with several scientific research institutions. It has gradually formed abusiness model of self-development, professional production, self innovation.The company specializes in titanium casting products (graphite,firedmold casting), rolling, stamping, precisemachining, surface treatment. Our products are widely used in aviation,aerospace, ships, weapons, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power,light industry, construction, pharmaceutical, marine engineering, automotive,sporting goods and other various fields of the nationaleconomy .

TheCompany’s main products:

1 kindsof casting titanium and titanium alloy, stainless steel, high temperature alloy

2 titanium,nickel, zirconium titanium seamless and welded tube

3 titaniumpipe fittings ( elbow, stub end, flange )

4 titaniumplate, titanium coil, titanium foil, titanium mesh

5 titaniumbar, titanium wire, titanium welded wire, copper rod with titanium outside

6 titaniumclad copper, explosive composite rods, titanium tube plate

7 titaniumprecision machining parts, forging parts, fasteners(Titanium screws, titaniumnuts, titanium bolts, titanium gasket)


Mature technology, and quality assurance

    Company has a seniorindustry background, advanced production equipment,scientific research team of innovation, unique geographical advantage; the company strictly implementISO9001:2000 quality management system,and can design or fabricateproducts according to the customers’ requirments.

l  Professional production equipment.

With vacuum melting equipment ( 50 kilograms ofconsumable electrode arc skull furnace ), forging equipment, presses, bendingmachine, hydraulic machine, automatic welding production lines, nondestructiveinspection equipment and dozens of sets of main production equipment and detectionequipment; and many large enterprises to establish a long-term cooperativerelationship.

l  The first-class products *

According to GB, HG, JB, DIN, ASTM, ASME, AMS, JISstandards such as the production of a variety of brands of castings, titanium /nickel plate, tube, rod, wire, forgings and other products; we follow the"leading technology, refine on perfection, perfect performance, thepursuit of excellence" quality policy; committed to serve the customersfor customers for God, depending on the quality of life, with excellentquality, reasonable prices, dedicated service to meet the different customersneeds.



“Sincerity-centered, quality credit, improve excellence,win-win cooperation!”

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